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Been about two weeks since my last post. In that time, a lot of progress has happened, so I figured I would just jot down a “Still Working” note.
There’s been a few fruitless side-paths of R&D time, but some incredibly dramatic enhancements have also happened.

As I write this I’ve just gotten done improving the snow device. The first implementation was “fresh off the presses” and right out off of my testbed — as soon as I saw the results I knew I wanted to have it in WM, but it had a good bit of work to go. The issues with it have now been smoothed out (principally involving ensuring that the effect won’t vary at different detail levels — ie, you don’t want to tweak it just right then do a high res build and all of a sudden have all your snow disappear).

There’s been some other big developments that I’m not going to write about just yet, but whenever things fall together like this makes me very excited for the way things are shaping up. The final task list is finally starting to be tamed.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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I did send an e-mail too before but I did not receive an answer. What about implementing some ‘obj’ mesh format export for the terrains? Combined with a high resolution ‘bmp’ export of textures it could be used in any 3D app. Such a thing could give to someone the opportunity to ‘populate’ those terrains with various other models as vehicles, animals, human figures etc.

Wishes for further development of this so impressive app.

Hi Dimitri,

Yes, my reply is still pending. I’m horribly backlogged on email right now, my apologies! I really do appreciate everything that gets sent my way.

Anyways, yes, both of those are in place for WM 2!

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