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Planning for the next feature set..

I’ve been combing through all of the forum posts, emails, and other correspondence with folks about what will be most useful to them. A great number of the suggestions jive with my own sense of what features would benefit WM tremendously, and some of them even have fairly considerable amounts of work already implemented on […]

Random Musings

Back from the Southwest…

Hey folks, I’m back from my trip to the Southwestern US. Talk about inspiring! I visited the Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion National Parks. Between those three is a great deal of stunning ( and varied) scenic beauty, and when combined with whats available to see here in the Pacific Northwest where I live, there’s […]

Random Musings World Machine Development News

Musings on future terrain directions…

Just a brief aside before I get to my main focus here — the bugfixing is still on track and will be rolled out before next wednesday. Most all of what needs to be fixed has been fixed, now it just needs to be tested and packaged. After the urgency of the bug hunt, the […]