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Progress Update

Just a quick update to mention that work is proceeding, although the feature branch is slightly lagging as more time has been put the last few weeks into another bugfix release which will be out shortly. I’ve also been investigating some intriguing new devices that would provide additional terrain shaping abilities. Too early to talk […]

World Machine Development News

Feature Branch #1

I mentioned the other day that I would be posting more information about development direction soon. That post is still yet to come, but I thought I would start talking about what kind of features are being worked on for inclusion within World Machine in the relatively immediate future. So here’s the first in the […]

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The Taste of Progress

Yesterday I released 2.3.3, which marks the third revision to WM since the 2.3 release… which itself occurred only 2 months ago.  I’m very satisfied with the new pace of progress! There are many reasons for it, a few of which I will detail below. But more than anything else, this characterizes how I really […]