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Alpha 4 Release; Status of Beta

Just a quick note; Alpha-4 was released to the test team finally, after many long delays.
Alpha-5 is coming along quickly. I’m mulling over where I want to draw the line and call things ready to begin the beta testing. I already know that I will still be adding a few strong features in Beta yet, rather than a complete feature freeze, for several reasons. Thus, all that really needs to get finished for beta to start is continued polishing/bugfixing to the point that things work and flow the way they’re supposed to.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

4 replies on “Alpha 4 Release; Status of Beta”

More features? ! Now that is something I can wait for, with itchy terra forming fingers. SeerBlue

Will beta testing be open to WM standard owners? And if so, how will it be possible to partecipate?


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