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I hope everyone in the US had a good thanksgiving. I mean, I hope everyone else had a good thanksgiving too, its just that I’m pretty sure everyone else has no idea what day I”m talking about. 🙂

My to-do list has about 6 major things on it that I want to ensure get done before WM Pro Beta 1. There’ll be 1 more alpha release to the alpha team around the end of november, and then Beta will be available before Christmas. I realize the danger in setting a date, but the beta deadline has already slid many times and I’m sick of it. Whether or not everything is fixed up in time, Beta before Christmas.

The Beta won’t mark the stop of feature development for WM Pro; some things that won’t appear at first because they’re incomplete will appear once they are polished up.

Christmas will also mark approximately the one year development tickmark for WM Pro. The extension has grown and grown, and I’m fairly confident that when it finally releases it will be WM 2.0 Professional, with the 2.0 Standard and 2.0 Basic editions following after. There’s more than enough new things to justify the 1.x -> 2.0 jump.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

5 replies on “Thanksgiving”

At least in germany there are enough US tv series on tv (The Simpsons, Friends, King of Queens etc.) – so propably most people roughly know what it’s all about. 🙂
A happy day in the USA 😉
(unless you struck a police van)

Oddly enough i was working on Thanksgiving so i came home to crash. At least this year i was not passing a turkey.

Testing the Beta will be a great Christmas gift and i have plenty of time available! 🙂

and…… just in time to test her out for Terragen 2’s Tech Preview! YES!

Great news indeed, I just returned from Thanksgiving in Colorado,without a computer to fiddle with, so this definitely good news. SeerBlue

ditto on the good news! my family and i will be at AZ for xmas but i look forward to checking out the beta when i get back home. the features so far planned are awesome.

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