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A quick note

Alpha-3 release should be coming along this week.. lots to do, but it’s been a while since the testers had a chance at anything new.

On a seperate note, although I definitely love hearing feedback/comments on the blog, it might be best to hold speculation in check about what Layout mode can/can’t do. It will be able to do some stuff you guys dont expect, and I don’t want it to not be able to do things that you might be. Wait and find out.. 😉

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

4 replies on “A quick note”

Well with the uncoming and unknown goodies for Layout Mode, i will ZIP IT untill then. 🙂

Aw- it’s difficuot keeping a lid on speculation- especially as it’s stuff that’s so relevant to what I’m involved with. I for one seriously doubt that I will be disappointed. 🙂 Consider it zipped. lol


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