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Alpha-3 Release to the Testers, and another Teaser image

A3 will be released in a short moment out to the testing team. Among the new things it implements includes:

  • Too many Layout Mode Enhancements to list..
  • Sortable Tabbed Toolbar w/ “Favorite Devices” tab
  • Many more RGB devices, and RGB macro support

The last one is really cool, because it allows you to abstract away the creation of a texture map for the terrain into a simple drop-in device where you can just pick some colors, set a couple options, and be good to go.

Here’s the output from inside of WM of one of the included RGB macros, aptly named “Simple Coverage”. Imagine what complicated coverage will look like. 😉


Or, cropped a bit and converted to sepia tones, this:


By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

7 replies on “Alpha-3 Release to the Testers, and another Teaser image”

Hard to say. Originally I figured it would just take a few months of work.. which has stretched into almost a year now. Hoping for a final release before Christmas though. 🙂 Beta testing with a larger group will start well before that though.

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