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World Machine 2.2 First Release

Hey folks,

World Machine 2.2 is now available! As mentioned before, the first rollout is to readers of the blog this weekend.

Go to the update site for further details!

The update site contains an overview of what’s new, as well as a brief survey that I’d really love for everyone to fill out, and download functionality.

There are a variety of odds and ends that need fleshing out still — in particular, the update to the users’ manual is still being worked on, and information needs to be added on how to use the new installer, automation, etc. However, for those chomping at the bit, have at it!

Over this weekend, I hope to finish up some of the above but more specifically to catch up with the forums, which have been sorely neglected by me of late.  After a brief interval, sometime mid next week the emails will go out to all users and WM 2.2 will become the default new download for all!

But for now, I’m tired and ready for some sleep. Enjoy!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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