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2.2 Release Imminent

Hey folks,

Just a quick note saying that it looks like we’re about one week out from WM 2.2 release. I’m getting the last bits in place right now for it. I’m targeting the end of the month (4/30) for release to existing customers, with roll-out to new orders sometime after that. I’ll keep you all up to date with any changes to the plan!

Update: The release date has been bumped to the end of the month (4/30) to ensure that a couple support pieces are properly in place for the release.

Update: Putting the last pieces together. Release will be in three parts:

First Phase: I will post the upgrade links to this blog so that all of you can get a jump start with the new version.

Second Phase: All existing customers will be emailed about the upgrade. This will take a while.

Third Phase: WM 2.2 will become the default distribution for new downloads.

I’ll post more info when I have a installer for all ya’ll!

Update (8pm): Doing some final testing on the release packages across all available platforms (xp/vista/win7). When this is done it will be available!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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