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2.2 Released

WM 2.2 is now available in wide release, with the upgrade site online for registered users, 2.2 replacing 2.1 for all new users,  and WM 2.2 Basic Edition available on the main website.

There are a variety of other things in the works for WM in the immediate future. The next set of things I want to address are not functionality improvements, but support improvements. Specifically:

  • One of my immediate goals is to create a central library for Macros and Plugins on the WM webpage, allowing users to submit them to be shared with all, rated, etc. A little further down the line, my intention is to also fold this library to directly integrate into World Machine, so that you can browse for interesting macros, download them to your local machine, or upload to the general public all without leaving World Machine.
  • Add a series of short video tutorials on using World Machine to help new users get on their feet quicker.
  • Other information and fleshing out of the Support section — possibly a Wiki, although I’m not sure about that one.

I want to get all of these kinds of improvements done before I launch into another round of functionality enhancements. More info to come later on!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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