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Odds and Ends

Most of the work necessarily falls into the polishing category at this point, but sometimes polishing includes fun functionality that really should have been in there to begin with. An example is bezier polygons. Up till now the poly tool was stuck being linear segments, which limited its usefulness somewhat. I’ve finally gotten around to extending the bezier ability to the polygon shape as well:


This is an example of the small but useful improvements still being made at this juncture. Of course, most time is still being invested in improving the UI and fixing the major remaining bugs.

Update: Almost forgot, of course I have to show a textured terrain result from the above as well. 😉


By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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beziers = sweetness!
Ah yes…. I can’t wait for the day when I too can have my very own Polygon Island. 😉

Are You dead?!? From January 8th to February 24th there’s a lot of time, and no more posts?!?!?

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