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Happy New Years!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to drop a quick line with an update on how things are going on WM. Things are as always running behind schedule, but the end is very much in sight — I’m working on the last set of changes before WM 2 release.  I took a short break over the holidays in the last week or so to be with family, enjoy the holidays, and recharge the batteries. It’s now time to enter the final stretch before WM release.

I’ll try to update the blog more frequently with news in this remaining month or so until release!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

2 replies on “Happy New Years!”

Happy new year all, really! Nice to have news about the new version Stephen. Hope that its release is not far 🙂 Its new tools and especially its having a mesh export will result in gaining much more users I think. There will be a way of using all those so astonishing terrains in any staging and rendering app.

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