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Coming Along..

I just wanted to write a quick update to let folks know that work is still progressing. There are always setbacks during any development effort (and especially in solo-team situations), and the last week has seen a couple outside of my control.

I also have to ask for a bit more patience if you’ve emailed me in the last while — there’s quite a backlog to work through and many take a considerable amount of time to answer.  I’m trying to get to all support emails first.

Even if its not visible from the outside, things ARE progressing, and it won’t be terribly long before WM 2 will be released.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

6 replies on “Coming Along..”

As harsh as it may sound, can you give us an idea when WM 2 will be out in the open? I mean, are we looking at months, weeks, days? This would help me tremendously with the planning for a project I’m working on.

really can’t wait for the release…understand your backlog must be substancial at the minute but i’m really keen to get my hands on 2.0 in fact the whole studio can’t wait…as soon as you have news keep us posted

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