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32bit World Machine

Just thought I would note that Build 3024 (predominantly a bugfix) went out a few weeks back.

Work is proceeding along a couple different lines of development right now; I’ll definitely post more as things firm up for the next dev release.

In the interim, I have a question.

Does anyone still run 32bit Windows?

I’m thinking of dropping support for 32bit versions of World Machine. Given that it’s 2018, we’re all using systems with many gigabytes of RAM, all the major 3D card manufacturers have stopped shipping 32bit drivers, and  everyone is running a 64bit OS, it doesn’t seem useful to keep shipping a 32bit version. Dropping 32bit support reduces the workload of testing and releasing each build, and conserves resources..

If anyone out there believes strongly that 32bit support is important, let me know. Otherwise, it will probably disappear in the next build or two.



By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

4 replies on “32bit World Machine”

Dropping support seems fair enough to me. Maybe make sure the last 32bit version is available to those who might need.

I can’t even remember when I last used a 32-bit system. Must’ve been Windows XP back when it was state of the art perhaps. Can’t even tell which year that was.

I would definitely say keep the latest stable build available. There are a lot of folks out there that can’t afford new computers, and maybe inherited an old machine from a friend or a surplus store. But I agree future development of a 32 bit platform is not cost effective.

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