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Hi folks,

Thank you for your bug reports over the last month or so – I’m preparing a build soon that should fix a number of issues discovered since Mt Daniel. I’m targeting the end of next week for the release, fixing a half dozen or so important bugs. If you’ve been having problems with setting filenames, crashes in layout view, or several other baddies, the fix will soon be at hand.

Beyond  one or more bugfix releases,  the next named release should bring a lot of new abilities to the table. 🙂 There’s a lot of new features in flight right now in R&D that are about 80% finished. I can’t promise any kind of release date, but as we get closer to the dev channel debut I’ll start posting about each new feature.

Finally, as always I want to hear about what YOU would like to see from WM. While I have plenty of ideas and goals for WM, some of the compelling new additions over the last year have been directly from your feedback. That’s awesome! And I’d love to keep that up.

Drop me an email at to let me know what you’d like to see!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine