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February Roundup

February has been mostly spent sorting out all of the various odds and ends of the major release of last month. Bugs and customer problems have been getting sorted and triage-d, and a lot of kinks have been getting worked out on the new website.

I’m working to better surface the workflows for using World Machine with the various common game engines (Unity, etc), as this is a very common question that we can do a lot better at addressing. Also good news — the Unity splatmap import script is fixed for the latest version of Unity…

I want YOUR workflow

Very soon I’m going to pour some significant dev time into workflow related issues and features, and I’m all ears to hear from all of you.

  • What would make World Machine work better in your production pipeline? Are there file formats, features, etc that you need to make things work, or that would make your life happier?
  • What are the most painful steps when you’re working with terrain you’d really like to be able to avoid?

I can’t promise that I can get to everything that’s brought up… but I’d love to do what I can. Feel free to post in the comments or just email me at

Swatting Bugs

The crash dump files that ya’ll have been submitting have been very helpful, so thanks for that!

I’m happy to say that I’ve identified and fixed some of the major crash and usability issues that folks have been running into. Build 3020 will address them. Software will never run out of innovative new ways to fail 😉 but hopefully we can keep things stable and productive the vast majority of the time.

What’s next on the Dev Channel?

The next major new feature release is still roughly on track for an April release. More to come on this later!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

2 replies on “February Roundup”

Stephen ??

Hello Stephen.
I am a game developer from China and also a new user of WM3019. WM is a great tool, but I do not have any support for Chinese, including comments, etc. I hope that the follow-up version can support Chinese. I believe China is WM The huge market, of course, will bring a certain amount of development, I believe it is worth it, thank you for your work.

Hi Stephen!

Longtime user of WM!! I am stoked that develop is in progress. WTG

Here is my 5 cents
I use alot of nodes so open /close nodes takes ALOT of time for me. So a nonmodal/dockable window would be a real timesave.

A checker colortable would be awesome to see scale and height.

A better 3D windows to look at heightmap. Like UDK/Maya or Blender.

I am currently trailing with dev

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