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Build 3019 ‘Mailbox Peak’ available to all

Just a quick update for what’s been happening here.

Build 3019 is available on the Release Channel as well as the Dev Channel. It is mostly similar to 3018 but contains a number of cleanups and bugfixes.. The full changelist is available on the Update Center. It is also now the version available to Basic Edition users, finally bringing all WM users up to date with the changes from the last couple years. No longer will Basic Edition customers be stuck running 2.3.7!

Speaking of which, the website has also been refreshed to be simpler, cleaner, and more modern, as it had gotten woefully out of date. A few things still need to be added back; Instead of hard-coding them, I’m hoping to introduce a Wiki to use for authoring documentation, which will help keep especially things like workflows to 3rd party applications up to date.

Finally, the installers for World Machine are now code-signed, eliminating the ominous “Unknown Publisher” warnings that Windows issued previously.

So, what’s next? Here’s what’s on tap for the immediate future:

Release Channel

The next build or two of World Machine will be focused mostly on cleaning up bugs and issues discovered in the latest builds.

Keep contributing your crash reports, as they are a major help in stamping out serious issues! I’m also looking at adding some small scale improvements sometime in the next build or two, such as:

  • Tweaks to how the Slope Selector functions
  • A new “Copy/Paste Device Settings” command, that lets you copy settings from one device to another while preserving the destinations network connections.

Dev Channel

We’re looking at approximately an April time frame for the next feature release.

After some reflection, the approach that we’re going to follow this year is to group changes such that each major feature release (those that get a new codename) will be related in some way. This makes communication much easier than when the changes are scattered about to a dozen systems at a time.

I’m excited for what will be coming: Among other things, it involves some of the experimental work from 2016 finally reaching fruition. More to come on this as we get closer 🙂

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

6 replies on “Build 3019 ‘Mailbox Peak’ available to all”

I think it’s splendid how much things have been modernized! I have an idea though for the thermal weathering device, and it’s quite similar to the rock hardness mask for erosion. What if a rock slope mask were implemented to the thermal weathering device of WM2.x, the one used for shearing rock faces? This would be much more comprehensive than the global application of a singular rock slope value.

Yes! This is exactly the thing I would like to see. I thought it would better to have a TW that only works with values in masked areas but that works too

Two years ago, when World Machine dev went silent, I had to buy a terrain software and was really hesitant between World Machine and World Creator, knowing what WM could do but fearing that it would be soon abandonned.

I’m so glad I went with WM and I’m super stoked with the way the software is progressing! Would definitely buy again.

New website is looking great, looks much more pro! Congratz! can’t wait to see what you’ve been cooking since 2016 🙂

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