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Core changes completed

With some core revisions completed, things can begin to pick up steam again. For myself, I also keep learning that you can’t stay at 100% focus and effort without eventual burnout, which is deadly — it takes a while to get back the inspiration it takes to create software in a lone-wolf like environment like this once you’ve hit a burnout period.
I’ve been working on a variety of things lately to improve the interface experience in WM Pro. Some of them are somewhat mundane, such as creating new dialogs and finishing some polishing in that regard.

A more important change is that now all previews are built in a seperate thread from main program execution. This was necessary for usability’s sake in layout mode, where making many small changes to the shapes would cause horrific laggyness due to the preview window being updated on each change. By threading it seperately, not only does it now no longer interfere at all with editing, but some cool things can be done with the preview, such as doing a two-phase preview of low and then high resolution.

I’m going to continue focusing efforts on layout mode for a while till things are up to snuff.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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Burn out hits us all at some time, take your time and polish away as you can, it will make World Machine shine even more.

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