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Devil in the Details

Most of the last couple weeks have been spent getting things polished up, fixing bugs, and making sure everything works the way it is intended to.

Beta-1 will NOT be feature-complete; I’m planning on adding some things after it hits. However, I want all the major changes to be in place, work the way they should work, and look the way they should look. I’m still targeting the first week of september for Beta-1, although that will take a very concerted effort over the next two weeks to get things done. Complicating matters is that I’m currently moving across town into a new home, which has the potential to slow things down.

There’ll be 1 more alpha release for the testers before Beta-1 follows closely on its heels. We’re getting there..

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

2 replies on “Devil in the Details”

Great news that the beta is close, ain’t it strange how life intrudes now and again:)

I had to help my close friend move from las vegas afew months back, moving is such a time consumer, heh,heh.

Good Luck on the Beta-1 goal Stephen. 🙂

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