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Spam Me Not

After spending the weekend up camping, upon return I’ve converted the community forums over to SMF rather than phpBB. Although I like the look of phpBB better, it’s just too damn targeted by bot spammers. Over the two days I was gone, more than a dozen and a half bots registered accounts, all of which had to be manually deleted. It’s just not worth the trouble, especially since SMF is much less targeted and very full-featured.

I’m extremely excited about the beta, but there’s a good bit of work before it’s ready! I’m going to try to keep myself to bugfixes and needed enhancements only rather than new features until the Beta-1. We’ll see how well I do 😉

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

3 replies on “Spam Me Not”

Not as bad as I was expecting.. I feared SMF worse than it turned out to be.. Thanks Stephen on the customization part 🙂 Looks nice…. Or will look, when I get used to it 😉 Though, I miss the shortcut keys for making text bold, link, italic, etc.. Now I need the mouse more often 😛 But Haven’t found a SPAM post yet (Yuppi!!)

SMF should have hotkey support of some kind, though it may require a plugin/mod. Something to look into I suppose. There should also be a phpBB theme available for it. 😀

– Oshyan

I have been reading here for a while now and thought it would only be fair to register and contribute instead of being a silent reader. So – I am looking forward to be a full part of the community!

Take care!



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