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Macros as first-class citizens

Feature-creep is inevitable in software development. Minor enhancements turn into major additions, and I’m probably more guilty of it than most developers — but when you see the great potential of just going a step further than you are now, it’s hard to hold back.

Anyways, all of that is just to say that Macros have taken another step forward with Alpha-4 to reaching their potential as “Just a bit less than a real device”. You can now supply a 32×32 bitmap for your macros that will be displayed in the toolbar for it. Speaking of which — Macros get their own tab on the toolbar for more convenient library loading, as well as being able to put your more favorite macros on the toolbar itself for quick access, just like the other devices.

I’ve always wanted macros to be traded and popularized much more than they are — right now there are some good ones out there but they’re not exposed to a large enough group of people. If possible, I want to allow a seamless distribution system — which is to say, that perhaps from the Macro Library dialog you can access a macro library sitting on the WM website that contains all submitted macros from various authors, perhaps ranked/commented on for usefulness by others.

If anyone has any experience with web-based file library type systems as described above, please contact me at

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

5 replies on “Macros as first-class citizens”

Excellent ideas Stephen.

If there was more exposure to sharing macros then i would think there would be much more interest in the creation of new and exciting macros as well. Some would tackle unique terrain types in the creation of new macros that some of us can not get the hang of, i know i am guilty of this. Wider scale distribution is much needed, i agree and who knows what others may come up with in the near future. 🙂

The simplest thing is a page on your site where are listed the links to macros and a short description of their functionality. One sends an e-mail to you (Stephen) and you update (bi-monthly for example) this page.

Great idea Walli. I checked that out myself and it looks like a very good system to use IMHO. The way there exchange page is set up is very nice. 🙂

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