Day to Day World Machine Development News

Progress Update

Just a quick update to mention that work is proceeding, although the feature branch is slightly lagging as more time has been put the last few weeks into another bugfix release which will be out shortly.

I’ve also been investigating some intriguing new devices that would provide additional terrain shaping abilities. Too early to talk much about that yet, but if they continue to show promise it might make an appearance sooner than later.

Anyways, what’s in place for the multires support:

Resampling method support has been added to the file input and tiled file input devices, and a generic set-resolution dialog implemented for all devices. What remains UI-wise is deciding on a way to clearly denote the resolution state of different devices in the world. There’s also some issues to track down with multires, particularly in layout view and with regards to macros.


By Stephen

Founder of World Machine