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Bugfix nearing..

I’m putting the finishing touches on a bugfix release for WM 2.1.

It fixes all of the large known outstanding issues. It will be available as a patch to the existing 2.1 release; there will be no need to re-install from scratch, as it should layer over the existing installation.

Along with the bug fix is a number of changes in progress for WM 2.2. Many of these were things that were intended for the release of 2.0 but that I ran out of time to perfect properly. After the bug release I will begin releasing more details on the new features, but the most important thing right now is obviously the current set of bugs.

ETA on the patch is approximately a week; I’m taking a weeklong trip to the American Southwest starting the 9th and it will be out before then for certain. The trip itself should be a very inspiring adventure through some of the most amazing scenery in this world!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

One reply on “Bugfix nearing..”

Glad to see this post 🙂
You should really post in the forum, some people are wondering if the development has stopped because you haven’t posted there for a long time.

BTW, there is still a “Down for Maintenance” message when you access the forum by the URL “” instead of “”, and I think this should be fixed quickly, because many people will believe the forum is definitely down…

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