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Merry Christmas!

Hello folks,

It’s been a while since the last blog posting! I just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy holidays around the world.

Things have been a bit quiet lately as I’ve had a couple things happening in real life that have demanded a great deal of attention; however there is another bug fix release coming along soon for WM 2.

It should be a much easier upgrade than WM 2.1 has been, as the lack of file path changes means that it will be much harder to break anything.

The main things being slated for the next minor release are:

1) Bugfixes. Obviously! A number of discovered issues should be fixed — which ones I will post soon.

2) Improved memory handling. I’ve been experimenting with a system to automatically page out (currently unneeded) heightfields to disk, allowing for worlds to be built much more effectively when RAM is an issue.

3) Functionality improvements — other than the memory issues, there aren’t a ton currently slated.

Between Christmas and the New Year I’m going to set down and plan out the course of WM 2 through the next year, so I should have more to share with you all regarding future developments then.


By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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Merry Christmas Stephen!

Do you know the forum has been down for several days (more than a week), here in France ?
Before that, there was a redirection to, but now we have this message: “Down for Maintenance
The World Machine webserver is currently undergoing maintanence, and the forums will be unavailable during this time. They will be restored as soon as possible. ”
I’m writing this because I remember there was this problem (redirection to lunarpages) several years ago and you weren’t aware of it. So…

(BTW, as Nikita and I said on the forum, we alpha testers didn’t receive the link to download the final version of WM2…)

Cheers 🙂

I figured something must have happened. I hope it’s not your back again or something. 🙂

I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year!

PS: Yes, I noticed that the last version we got was the 2.0RC. I don’t mean this as a complaint of course. Real life has absolute priority and we haven’t paid you anything after all. Basically, working with the RC is fine really – but it makes it kinda hard to verify bug reports and find workarounds.

Good to hear Stephen. Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday.

Happy New Year. May the new year bring you new fun and adventures. 🙂

Yeh, gotta echo Nikita here. I’m still on RC 2.0 here- was wondering whether I was the only one to still be using that, but apparently not. Of course, I’d be willing to pay…WM is my number one prog for terrain…and I am going to need it pretty soon in big way.

Belated Season greetings to all, and here’s to 09 being a great year!


HI,Remnant.I’m a chinese boy.I have very poor English, but I am still very hard to learn this software. I saw the forum, there are other languages World Machine User’s Guide download. I hope the website can also download a Chinese user’s Guide, thank you, Happy New Year


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