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Release Day!

As of an hour ago here, it’s now July 4th! Happy Independence Day to the Americans in the audience, and happy Release Day to everyone!

All those who pre-ordered WM2 have been sent their upgrade information. However the widescale release is still pending — waiting on website changes before it goes live as well. By the afternoon of the 4th (Pacific Time) however everything should be ready to roll.

We’re now standing at the end of several years of fairly intense development effort. When I go back and use WM 1.25, I suddenly remember how far things have come, as you all will soon see. 🙂 And there’s so much more that could be added and improved! But that’s for another day. For this day and weekend, enjoy.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

7 replies on “Release Day!”

Thank you for all the effort. I’m now trying to find all the changes that effect me, and having fun!
Have a good holiday.

As a new potential user, I would apprciate it if you could post the price of the software.


Thanks, Remnant-don’t know how I missed it but I did!

Initially I thought it odd that WM was released but there was no mention of price or a demo.

Thanks for the help-much appreciated.

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