World Machine Pro Development

What Comes Next?

Hey folks!

Now that WM2 is released to the public, what is next in line you might say?

Well, I have essentially 3 tasks that will be occupying me for the next few months:

1) Increasing exposure of WM2. Especially for me who is so close to the product, it seems like everyone who could possible have heard about WM already has; however this is far from the truth. I want to increase the attention that WM2 gets as a terrain solution in the various fields that folks have found a use for it.

If anyone reading this has some ideas on spreading the news about the WM2 release, please drop me a line at

2) A number of bugs have been found since release, thankfully none that are complete showstoppers. Nonetheless I hope to have a first service pack available within a month or two that will fix any bugs found and perhaps expose several of the features that didn’t quite make it into the main release.

3) Release the PDK to its final state and make it publicly available. I hope that anyone interested in novel ways of editing terrain may become interested in using WM2 as a fast platform to create devices in.

To go along with these, your input would be a great help! Reporting bugs you find, or ideas for features you have, can help me improve the product. I also would love to see what people have been doing with WM2; post them on the forum thread for that purpose or email them to me.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine