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Alpine Lakes Update

Build 3028 has been released; you can read about it on the Help Center.

Most importantly, 3028 is also the first Alpine Lakes release to the Release Channel! This brings all of the river-y goodness to folks who aren’t running Dev builds, as well as Basic Edition users.

For dev build users, it’s mostly bugfixes, but also a nice improvement to the SVG importer to allow almost all SVG files to import successfully.

Docs & Help

As promised, I’ve also been spending an hour or two a day lately filling out the documentation on the Help Center; the first pass through the alpine lakes docs is almost done.

I want the help center to not just have reference material, but also tutorials, guides, best practices, etc. It’s going to take some time to get there, but we’re on our way. If you have any interest in helping out, give me a shout at!

Lastly, I wanted to mention something; with the Help Center up and running, it now takes on the role of “formal” announcements of new builds.

This lets the dev blog be what it was originally intended to be – a window into the behind the scenes creation of World Machine. I’m looking forward to the return of that.

What’s Next

And so our focus can now mostly turn to the next “codename” build.

And what will that build be about?

With no exaggeration, the most profound changes ever made to World Machine. ….And they’ve been in progress on a side-branch for the last year.

There’s still a long way to go, but the time will come soon to start taking the wraps off things. This deserves its own post 🙂

Stay tuned.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

5 replies on “Alpine Lakes Update”

Congratulations on the new release build! About damn time! I personally am more curious about the future developments. Can’t wait for that post!

Always good to hear some news from the dev! Hope the tease for the next post will pay up 😉

I have noticed that since 3027 a lot of macros are broken, I think it has to do with the new versioning of devices.
For example in the local heights macro the combiners are all set to average at 50% and their Device Version is set to 2.x

It’d be great if you’d fix that, it probably requires a lot of painstaking rewriting but you’d save a lot of headaches to me an many others

Hi Jakob! Thanks for letting me know about this! I just replicated this here – it appears to happen ONLY when loading a macro from the library and only when originally authored in certain versions. But not when loading from an old file, which is why it escaped testing. Looking for a fix now.

Further followup – This bug has been slipstream-fixed into build 3028. If you already downloaded it, download again, as this issue should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Like WFab said I’m also more curious about the upcoming developments.
Hopefully we do not have to wait another couple of months before you resurface Stephen.

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