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Planning for the next feature set..

I’ve been combing through all of the forum posts, emails, and other correspondence with folks about what will be most useful to them. A great number of the suggestions jive with my own sense of what features would benefit WM tremendously, and some of them even have fairly considerable amounts of work already implemented on them!

I’ll be announcing what features will be making it into the next update to WM2 as they happen. As a minor update release (2.x) these features will almost certainly be a free upgrade for existing WM2 users.

But before then, I have some more bugfixing to do. There are a number of issues still remaining in the 2.15 beta patch, including a couple known memory leaks, some flipping issues on file formats, and other things.

From previous experience, I want to get as bugfixed a platform together as I can before I start doing anything involving new features. The final 2.1x patch will be released within the next few weeks to the next month or so.

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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