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Official WM2 Features Online

I’ve just modified the main website to include a link to the WM 2 Preview Tour.

I’m hoping to have a release date to provide soon as well, but I need to get a couple of the most complex issues fixed first before I can provide a firm ETA!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

7 replies on “Official WM2 Features Online”

Looks great, but I am not sure about the pricing policy. Potential customers of the standard edition are better off waiting for V2 instead of paying 40$ now and then another 40$ for the upgrade.

Hi Klaus,

As I mentioned somewhere on the website, buyers of v1.0 from approximately the time I put the feature list up online will receive an automatic upgrade, for the exact reason you mention!

Does that mean that when i buy WM1 now, i will get V2 for free?
Would be great if you could clarify that!

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