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Improving Real World Data

I wanted to talk briefly about a very popular but often unmentioned use of World Machine: Taking low resolution real world DEM files and creating something with more detail suitable for use in art or simulation.

This is one of the areas that I think could definitely use a tutorial! For an example of the power of the transformation, here’s a quick look at a before and after of a low-resolution DEM of an area of Washington state in the USA:

Before and After


Click on the above to blow it up. Specifically, note how we’ve carefully added artificial detail that complements the quite coarse real-world data we have to work with. Hopefully I will get a chance to make a walkthrough soon.. but here’s the network for the world above:


By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

4 replies on “Improving Real World Data”

We did this extensively on a few different projects where we needed real world data, but it wasn’t dramatic or detailed enough. World Machine does wonders to that data. I’ll try and post what we did.

Hi Dax!

I actually improved on the method a bit as well and then included the example file in the new WM 2.3 that is trickling out as we speak to the public. I’d love to see what you guys came up with too. Its been too long, have to get back in touch!

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