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World Machine 2.3 Ready for Christmas?

Hi folks,

Just wanted to mention that code changes are essentially complete for 2.3. I was originally hoping to have it released by Christmas time, but it looks like it will slip that a little bit.

Mostly, because I am trying to include some additional resources such as new macros and example files. Many of these reflect common questions or scenarios addressed on the forums over the years, so I figure it makes sense to make these available to everyone included in the default distribution.

For example, here’s an image from a newly included example file demonstrating how to create a volcano:


The example above demonstrates how to place a single “hero” mountain onto the terrain, as well as punching a crater into the top of it and simulating lava flow with the snow device.

Merry Christmas to all!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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Hi, is this still in active development? I created a macro in 2.2 that took weeks to create, but it has stranded route points and I can’t open it anymore.

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