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Beta-2, Layout View tidying


Beta-2 is accumulating a nice set of bugfixes, most of which were NOT introduced in Beta-1 which is nice. I have had an isolated report of a crash issue in B1 which I have not had replicated or further information about.

Layout View

I’m right now going through and fixing some minor irritating issues with the Layout View, including inconsistencies in the UI and a couple other issues. I also would like to add a few more tools into the layout toolset — certainly allowing polygons to have custom heights set at any knot is a highly requested feature.

Anyone have any other wishlists I should know about?

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

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If you ask for a wish list :

improve the 3d viewer in free mode in order to be able to navigate on a small world (10 km * 10 km). It’s really difficult to have a good feeling without been able to tweak the navigation speed or camera fov in order to build a “small” world for a game map.

It’s very difficult to build , tweak and navigate when you want to build a world with small value (10 km * 10 km with 1 meter precision)

World machine is really a great tool !!!


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