World Machine Pro Development

Quick status update on WM 2.3

I intended to actually open up 2.3 Beta1 tonight to all registered customers, but I’ve decided to push that back a bit longer.

The main impediment is actually not the product itself but all of the supporting web code: I wanted to create a customer service center where registered users (and ONLY registered users..) can always go to download the latest stable and beta editions for their purchases, etc. This will ease the deployment issues I face for doing many smaller releases rather than mammoth ones. Probably about a week worth of work to get that up and running next week.

Long story short: If you’re a WM 2.2 user who urgently wants to get at the bugfixes from 2.3Beta-1, just drop me a line at and I’ll make sure you get 2.3B1 immediately! Otherwise it should roll out next week.


By Stephen

Founder of World Machine