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Internals Changes

One of the biggest things I’m working on right now is cleaning up, documenting and reworking the heart of World Machine’s codebase. I have three aims in this:

  1. Make it easier to maintain and debug for myself and anyone else (such as plugin authors) who needs to interact with the core
  2. Pave the way for some new features that need some core changes to be enabled (this includes using native real-world units, allowing for having localspaces and different resolutions in the same world file)
  3. Make embedding World Machine into games, simulations, etc much easier. Over the years, a number of game companies and others have licensed World Machine to use internally in their game or tools. Especially with some design changes to make this more streamlined and simple, I see this as a great growth area for both the Big Guys and licensing to indie developers, as you can develop your maps in the World Machine editor and then regenerate at needed resolution on remote machines, without sending many MB of map data. This is, in fact, the original purpose that WM was developed for back in the day!

I’ll write more on all of these things, but I figured it would be useful to know what’s going on right now!

By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

2 replies on “Internals Changes”

Nice to get a tiny insight into what you’re working on Stephen. I have not had the opportunity to use WM in a while, but finally now have a project that I want to incorporate WM into. And hope to finally take advantage of the scripting feature! Looking forward to more future goodness. 🙂

Hey Stephen, … it’s always been important for me to use real world units. That’s great news.

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