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A small but incredibly useful feature..

I just thought i would post about a new device that will appear in WM 2.2.

The Colorizer device has been improved, and now allows you to create a bitmap from an input terrain using any of the built-in colortables, or your choice of external color gradient image files.

This has been one of the most-requested features, as many people like the builtin color tables. However, it also allows for more advanced possibilies:

Acid Bleached world color scheme.. modified by erosion

Here you see a simple test world using the Acid Bleached World builtin color scheme. However, the heights fed to the Colorizer device have been combined with the erosion flowmap. Note how the colors “flow” down the gullies.

Eventually you will be able to fully define custom gradients with the device as well.

A very simple addition, but it opens up a host of easy and powerful texturing abilities.

Merry Christmas, and WM 2.2 Beta Released

Just wanted to drop everyone a line to let them know that the 2.2 Beta is released! I swore to myself that it would be available by Christmas, and even though it came down to the wire it is now available to the beta testers.

Previous WM2 Betatesters: If you have purchased WM2 Professional, you are eligable to participate in the WM 2.2 Beta, and already have forum access granted to the beta forum. Go there for more details.

If you have emailed me wanting to participate in the testing, expect an email within a day with further instructions.

It’s now time to go enjoy some time with family for the holidays. Merry Christmas to everyone out there.