To Crash, or not to Crash..

Hi folks,

I just realized that its been a while since I last posted here, so I figured I had best make an  update!

There’s been lots of work being done but not much visible progress lately. Partially this is because I’ve been doing a fair bit of work not directly related to the main  World Machine codebase  lately. However, more important is the fact that I’ve been doing lots of work in the last few months or so in improving the error handling of World Machine.

WM never really has handled error conditions particularly well; your answer to asking to do something beyond its capabilities was almost always a crash. The crash reporting handler in the last beta was the first step in refining things. For this next beta, enormous amounts of work have been put in to make World Machine maintain stability, recover gracefully, and inform you properly when things don’t go according to plan. This is particularly true of memory handling; My goal for the next beta is that you will be unable to make WM crash no matter what you ask of it! (Whether this is achieved will remain to be seen..)

Happy Holidays

Hi folks,

It’s been a while so figured I should write a little update! I hope all of you are having a great holiday. Things have been extremely hectic here both personally and professionally over the winter to date so I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with my correspondence — if you’ve emailed me and not received a response yet, my apologies.

There are some interesting changes coming down the pipe in the next 2.3 Beta due to some contracted changes requested by a customer that will be shared to everyone. More about that in the next post. But for now I just wanted to get a shout out that I am alive and wish you all the best this season!



Texturing w/ Roads

Hi guys,

Just wanted to post this image which I thought demonstrated a use of mask outputs that I haven’t seen much of yet.

I’ve created a basic terrain, eroded and then placed a road into the terrain via a spline path.

What’s interesting, is that I’ve then looked at the terrain before and after the road insertion to determine the areas that have been cut, and the areas filled, and then textured them appropriately:

Capturing cuts and fills

What struck me how simple this information was to extract from the WM network, but how bloody useful it is to anyone doing paths on terrains!


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