WM Pro Beta Test Applications Sent

Hey everyone,

I’ve sent out the first set of Beta Test applications.  If you’ve emailed me about joining the beta test and haven’t recieved your application within the next short while, send me another email to remind me! Things can get swamped in my inbox sometimes.

I think we’re on track for getting the Beta ready to roll shortly after Christmas. I’ll be replying to your emails as they come in, and granting access to the Beta Test section on the forums. That is where most communication will take place from here out.

One thought on “WM Pro Beta Test Applications Sent”

  1. Hi. I have some free time for a while and would lke to be a beta tester on WM Pro if you need (any more testers.)

    I currently own a copy of the Standard Edition 1.25 and will upgrade to Pro as soon as it’s released.

    Jerry Fke
    AMD 4800+ x2
    ATI 1900XTX
    winXP x64
    4GB Sys. Mem.

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