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Stupid RGB tricks

Note: The below is all just for fun. But it does make me realize that there are probably going to be some indie developers, in particular, that might want to just use WM to make all the textures for their terrain, period.

It’s pretty sweet looking, actually, which is totally unexpected. The network to produce the image above is just a basic eroded perlin, overlayed with an RGB network. The net consists of an imported rough texture tiled across worldspace,  with color adjustments made according to the erosional masks.


By Stephen

Founder of World Machine

4 replies on “Stupid RGB tricks”

Um.. wow! WM just got a lot cooler for game devs (and a lot more competitive with L3DT in certain key areas). Nice work. 😀

– Oshyan

[…] In the meantime, I’ve also enhanced a few other areas. RGB support has been added to several useful devices such as the Combiner, Bias/Gain, etc, to facilitate working better with RGB imagery. When combined with the Lightmap Generator, you can create some pretty cool images. Remember this blog entry? Here’s the same scene enhanced a little bit with some fractal noise added to the colormap, and a lightmap multiplied into it. Note that all of the lighting here has been baked into the texture; no vertex lighting need be done. […]

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