World Machine Pro Development

Feature Trickledown

Multimonitor support is working quite solidly now, although extended testing will be needed to make sure it is working well across all the myriad hardware configurations.

As a power-user feature, multimonitor support will be a Pro-level feature in WM 2.3.

However, to balance this, and to account for the changing landscape of computer hardware since WM 2 was released, the Standard (and Basic) Edition will gain the following features:

  • 2-core multithreading will drift down to the Standard and Basic editions. This offers a potentially near-doubling of build speed for Standard users! Since almost all CPUs sold in recent history are dual core, the time has finally come for this to be a standard feature. (>2 core multithreading will still be pro-level.)
  • WM2.3 Standard Edition will also come in a 64bit edition. With Vista and Windows 7 the vast majority of recent vintage PCs are now running 64bit operating systems, making it only natural to support this across all editions. This should allow Standard Edition users to finally put memory usage issues into the past.


By Stephen

Founder of World Machine