Frequently Asked Technical Questions

  1. Out of Memory Conditions
  2. Crashes in Layout/Explorer view
  3. Installation Errors
  4. Site-wide Installation
  5. MAC and Linux Support?
  1. World Machine runs out of memory during builds, but I have plenty of RAM. What is going on?

    Running under 32bit Windows, World Machine can easily run out of memory (or more precisely, out of address space) during high resolution builds. This is a direct limitation of the hardware and OS. There is a workaround that increases the available address space to 3GB and will allow you to build larger worlds.

    Running World Machine on a 64bit Windows machine removes this limitation.

    View workaround directions for 32bit users

  2. I'm experiencing crashes during Layout or Explore View

    The most common cause of crashes in these views is due to outdated video card drivers. Check with the manufacturer of your video card and update your driver to the latest available and see if this has solved the issue.

    You can also try going to Preferences->Video Options and unchecking "Use fastest display method". This will improve compatibility with certain older video cards.

  3. I'm unable to install World Machine as a Standard User under Windows Vista/7, OR
    I'm unable to install World Machine FOR a Standard User as an administrator. What's going on?

    World Machine 2.2 dramatically improved support for Windows' new installation system. Both of these issues should be fixed; make sure you've upgraded if you are using a previous version!

  4. Is there any way to silently install World Machine so I can more easily deploy across our organization?

    Yes! You can supply parameters from the command line to the installer to preset World Machine with your organizations' registration details.

    WM22_Professional.exe /USERNAME=Your Username or Organization /REGKEY=Your registration code /D=Installation Directory

    This will cause the installer to proceed silently and automatically register the software for all users. Each user on the machine will receive their own copy of the example files, etc on first run, but they will not be required to enter a registration code.

  5. Can World Machine run on a Macintosh or Linux PC?

    This is not officially supported, and there is no native build of World Machine available for these platforms.

    Unofficially, many users have found that World Machine works just fine under Parallels or WINE. If you want to try: Double check using World Machine Basic edition that you can use World Machine successfully on your configuration before purchasing! Unfortunately no support can be provided on these platforms.

Technical Difficulties

If you are suffering from technical issues with World Machine, and none of the issues mentioned in the FAQ above address them, the best bet is to visit the "Help me" section of the Community Forums and search or post a question. Many issues have been encountered before and have fixes available.

You may also email Support for direct assistance.