World Machine Tutorials

Basic Videos

New to World Machine? Watch the first couple introductory videos showing you how to find your way around:

  1. Introduction to World Machine

    Learn about the World Machine interface, and watch a simple terrain be created and exported!

  2. Beginning Masks

    A quick introduction to creating and using masks and mask inputs. Create an island, and selectively apply effects.

Featured Community Tutorials

There's a wealth of training and tutorial videos available on Youtube and other content sites covering using World Machine with your favorite game engine or rendering application.

Build 4000+ (LTE) Video Tutorials

HYLK's Tutorial Series

Visit Site An excellent series of tutorials covering the new LTE World Machine releases!

Other Tutorials

Here's a sampling of some of the many incredible lessons, tutorials, and resources created by the World Machine community.
These 3rd-party websites and are not controlled or supported by World Machine.


Visit Site Many dozens of tutorials in 8 series, this is an excellent resource for World Machine users.


Visit Site A six part video series.

Iri Shinsoj

Visit Site A small set of tutorials covering creating nice terrains and textures.


Visit Site Training lessons for World Machine available for purchase.


GeoGlyph by QuadSpinner

Visit Site GeoGlyph is a popular companion application for World Machine that extends and enhances what World Machine itself offers. GeoGlyph is an approved and compatible tool for World Machine, however we do not offer any support for this product -- please contact Quadspinner with questions.