Frequently Asked Questions

World Machine FAQ

General Questions

How do I export my terrain to Unity, Unreal Engine, etc?

You must use Output devices in your device network to export any files from World Machine. The default world that you see when World Machine first loads inclues a "Height Output" device as an example of this. After building your world, simply select "Export Terrain Files" from the File menu or toolbar.

Peruse our workflow guides for specifics of how to get terrain and weight/splatmaps into your final engine.

How do I get the latest builds of World Machine?

Easy - just visit the Update Center! If it's been a year or two since you purchased WM, you will need to renew your license to upgrade to the newest versions. It's easy, and the upgrade fee is a small fraction of your original purchase. Visit the Update Center for all the details.


What does "Build resolution limited only by RAM" mean for the Indie edition?

World Machine itself does not limit the build resolution in any way. Iif you have enough system RAM, you can create as large a world as you want.

However, large complex world files will consume a lot of memory and there will be practical limit. World Machine can estimate how much memory (and time) is required for your current world at varying resolutions - in your Project settings, look below the resolution slider for the memory estimate.

Is there a Mac version of World Machine available?

There is no native build of World Machine available for the Mac. Sorry! We wish there was too.

Unofficially, many users have found that World Machine works just fine under Parallels and certainly Bootcamp. If you want to try: Install the Basic Edition to verify that you can use World Machine successfully on your machine before purchasing! Unfortunately no support can be provided in this case.


I need an invoice for tax purposes

We offer an invoice tool that should suit your needs.

  1. Login to the Update Center with your registration code at
  2. Click the "License Management" tab
  3. Towards the bottom of the page you will see a list of your purchases, each of which has a Generate Invoice button associated with it.
    You can include your company address and/or VAT ID in the text box next to the Invoice Generation field if necessary.

We need to evaluate the Professional Edition before purchasing

We can send you a fully-functional 45 day trial license for the Professional Edition so you can check out all of its benefits firsthand. Just drop us a line at the helpdesk!

Can I get an academic discount?

We offer special pricing for faculty members at educational institutes. Contact our help desk for more details.

Unfortunately, at this time we don't offer student discounts. We know you'd love that, and we'd love to be able to hook you up. Working on it.


Is there any way to silently install World Machine so I can more easily deploy across our organization?

Yes! You can supply parameters from the command line to the installer to preset World Machine with your organizations' registration details.

WMINSTALLER.exe /USERNAME=(Your Username or Organization) /REGKEY=(Your registration code) /D=(Installation Directory (Optional))

This will cause the installer to proceed silently and automatically register the software for all users. Each user on the machine will receive their own copy of the example files, etc on first run, but they will not be required to enter a registration code.