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May 26, 2014
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Rating : 70
by: e2clipse (uploaded by)
This macro carves lines into your terrain by using flowmaps
This macro takes a flowmap and changes the height of the terrain on the mask of the flowmap,so the carvings can be controlled easy
by parameter setup

This comparement on the right has no flowmap
Because i didnt use the extra mask output on the basic coverage i used to make it,but u can still give it a color by inserting the mask out into a color device

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#2Onkelpoe posted on 11:42PM May 27, 2014

Really good, thanks for sharing!

#1e2clipse posted on 12:16AM May 27, 2014

Iff anyone gets an error on opening please pm me on WM community...same name

Also its build with 2.3 so 2.2 users upgrade or just let it go


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