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Apr 20, 2013
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by: Hotshot (uploaded by)
Makro for making Crater
New version of the Crater impact 140801

Here is a tutorial how to use it

New tutorial for Crater2

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#7sarkinroye posted on 3:59PM Feb 28, 2018

I can't figure how to make this work like in the videomy volcanos are laughable and ugly as hell and my craters almost invisible.
Has enyone advices on how to set up and scale things effectively plz?

#6scarabrae posted on 4:31AM Feb 27, 2016

Thanks! :)

#5Hotshot posted on 11:01AM Aug 1, 2014

I have updated the new macro to 2.0 and added Volcano

#4drewski58 posted on 7:30AM Jan 8, 2014

Awesome macro. I've been able to get 4 craters working but not sure if I'm hooking things up correctly. I have the first 2 radial grads/macros going to one combiner, then another 2 radial grads/macros going to another combiner then those two combiners going into another combiner and linking that to the final erosion generator. At this point I have to be careful with the settings or the craters start becoming very faint. If anyone knows a better way to connect more than two I'd appreciate it.

#3Hotshot posted on 12:18PM May 13, 2013

It works for me on 2.3.1 pro

#2Maximum-Dev posted on 10:35AM May 10, 2013

Is this macro working or now? can someone please answer?

#1Maximum-Dev posted on 9:42AM May 9, 2013

Wont load in WM 2.2 pro.


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