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Apr 6, 2013
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Geological Generator
by: Construc (uploaded by)
An experimental macro designed to make sloped terra
Creates a sloped terrain based on a layout generator input.

Example included.


-layout: this is where the magic happens. Add a layout node with a centered shape, and grasslands will convert it into a sloped mound

-underlay: put your terrain here, and grasslands will add itself on top


-default: this is the default out
-mask: the mound itself


the layout input MUST be centered, and it helps to make it smaller than your overall terrain.

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#2duke54 posted on 5:26PM Sep 30, 2016

This looks useful, but I can't get it to make a slope. It only makes 1 mound in the center of the entire map(not the center of my extents) even though I have multiple macros connected like in the example. I don't understand how to make multiple slopes and move them where i want.

#1zachm posted on 2:58AM Jul 27, 2013

That result in your image is really great, I've downloaded it and had no luck getting anything that looks like that however...


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