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May 15, 2020
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Geological Effect
by: World Machine (uploaded by)
Editted version of the Snowmelt macro.
Snowmelt - Edited by HYLK
Version 1.1

- Improved permanent snowline now no longer "adds" snow, but is only applied to already existing snow.
- Added a feather for the permanent snowline, removing the standard applied feather.
- Added a mask input.

-- 1.1
* Removed odd behaviour of the permanent snowline parameter creating sharp edges.
* Added versioning.

Simulate end-of-season snowmelt for a terrain that has had snow accumulated with the Snow device.

You can create very different looking snow coverage by melting away the winter snowpack versus the look of simply producing little snow in the first place.


1) Primary input : the terrain with snow accumulated (main output of the Snow device)

2) The snow depth map from the Snow device into the second input.

3) An optional additional melt mask. You can use this to do things like make sun-facing slopes melt faster than shaded ones.

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