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May 8, 2020
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Geological Effect
by: Hylke Sebus (uploaded by)
Gives your terrain valleys. See decription for 3016+ version.
Valley Cut by HYLK
Version 1.2

Cuts valleys out of your terrain, based on the Erosion device.

If you want, you can check out a demo of my macro pack at

-- 1.2
* Added a Min Height and Min Height Falloff parameter, allowing to set the minimal height before valleys are cut and a falloff to create smoother transitions.
* Added a Steep Peaks parameter, giving you control over the steepness of the tops of the valleys. This is due to an unwanted result introduced in 1.1, when internal normalisation was introduced.

-- 1.1
* Removed an odd spike from the valley substraction.
* Valley Cut now normalises the terrain for it's masking, resulting in more a more generalised and predictable result.
* Made a WM 3016 and above compatible legacy version.

Hylke Sebus ©

NOTE: This macro requires World Machine 3026 or above. You can download both the 3026+ and 3016+ version of the macro here:

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