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Dec 22, 2017
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Terrain Generator
by: Hylke Sebus (uploaded by)
More control on voronoi generation
To give you some more control. Actualy, a lot more control.

The reason I made this macro, is because the normal Voronoi doesn’t give enough control to me. Now you can choose how the the F2 – F1 Option behaves with the combiner method, control the shape of the individual Voronois, have a separate seed generation, distortion amount, distortion direction and even separate scales.

This will give you a lot more freedom, with a ton of ease. Instead of having to switch between separate Voronoi generators, you now have all the tools in one window. It also comes with a handy mask for the combiner, which you can invert. A quick and easy normaliser built in, and some presets.

If there are any problems you’re running in to, feel free to contact me @HYLKart.

Have fun creating awesome worlds.

- Hylke Sebus

Advanced Voronoi v1.1

As you may have seen, the macro has 2 times a "Default F1" preset. The first one is not a true Default F1. For some reason am I unable to delete this preset.

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