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Jul 5, 2017
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by: Hylke Sebus (uploaded by)
Height Select, but then even easier.
Slightly advanced Height Selector for easier use. In stead of needing to evenly slide the Min & Max value you can now slide the Height value instead with the range unchanged.

For the most honest selection, use the Bi-Polar Range selection. This way the height value is in the 'middle' of the selection.

-- Version 1.2

I added a clamp in the macro. Now you can normalize your input with a simple checkbox. Normalizing your input will mean that the selecter can choose from 0 all the way up to your max height.

Why is this nice? When turned on, the max value on the slider will represent the heighest peak of your world instead of a gaping void (what happens if your world doens't reach the max height).

Advanced Height Select by @HYLKart
Version 1.2

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