Brand new World Machine 'Mailbox Peak' available now!

Realistic 3D Terrain
with World Machine

Go ahead, play god for a day.

Here's what World Machine can do

To help you generate procedural worlds and CG landscapes

Procedural Terrain

A full suite of procedural tools for creating terrain from nothing

Simulate Nature

Powerful simulations of the real world: erosion, talus slopes, snow, and more...

Guide your World

Draw rivers, sketch mountains and create your map using layouts

Graph-based Workflow

Non-destructive editing of your terrain by connecting together device nodes


Sophisticated color schemes beyond height and slope controls

Use with Everything

Export your terrain to use with virtually any 3D software or game engine using heightfields, meshes, and textures

Start building your terrain!

The Basic Edition of World Machine is free for personal, noncommercial use.

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